small stone #21

Sitting…with discomfort; as it turns out for a good part of the day.
Thinking…I have to be “doing” something on my weekend that has value as these 2 days are so precious and NOT work!
Crankiness, fear, anxiety, low blood sugar?
And now, dusk is here I’ve eaten and taken the body outside and realized how raw I was and needed to get back home! Grief comes in many disguises and asks quite a lot of one. And now, having given this feeling ample time I think, what a luxury to be able to let myself be okay with feeling cranky and uncomfortable and all those other descriptions that sound negative but are really no more usual or regular than joy or happiness or contentment. Now, I’m smiling at myself and writing it all down. I am a work in progress…

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  1. I find the more pressure I put on myself the worse I feel. Guilt for wasting a day. I too find if I get out and give things a chance to move around- that suddenly I am feeling blessed to be able for time to be cranky. It is almost comical. Smile creeping into my heart too.


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