Ginger Electrical Light


Holiday lights shine down hard,
fingerless gloves grab collar, grab close, vulnerable neck.
Cart of supplies, shelter needs finding.
Lady strides alongside breathing steam/pointer nose feeling anxious. 
Grace hears nighttime singing, “Away in a Manger”, thinks – 

did she have something to keep her hands warm?
Long ago story; following a bright light shining in the distance.
Grace wonders about Mary, walking an unknown future –why?
Family thought her crazy, hearing voices?
Grace heard voices, thought she was crazy. That woman had trust and hope and faith.

Not always like this; once on the inside, champagne in hand, lover’s touch at waist.
Then shifting began and moving inside – hand out touching real only finding shooting star, sun she couldn’t understand, light moving away in the distance.
It’s busy here, I’ll find something now. Large tree full of bright/dazzle, smarts/stings.
Grace wonders/knowing?

Closer look; smelling pine/tree, tall as skyscraper.
There are skaters, singers.
Fine for sleep once all is quiet.
Warmth found from noble fir.
Door opens, look up, beautiful lady holds mug of steam rising,

“Thought you’d like more hot chocolate?”

Evening star; Grace sees night sky brightly shining
Mary’s joy finding unsure, hope in heart.
Light in darkness, unbearable bursting, touching home.

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  1. What a poignant poem you have written here. A wonderful story to reflect on these days before Christmas. I am glad Grace finds light and hope at the end.


  2. it is cool in how she finds comfort in how mary acted in that difficult time… i think she was an amazingly brave woman… not easy what she went through… but she’s giving hope to so many people..


  3. Grace may be mentally challenged but she knows in her heart when someone is kind to her and where to find warmth on a homeless street, the bright Christmas lights reminding her….my this is powerful!


  4. I specially like the concluding line, the light bursting from the darkness ~ Mary is so brave, full of trust and hope ~

    Wishing you Happy Holidays ~ All the best ~


  5. my thoughts turn to mary often this time of year…wondering at the faith it took to follow through her calling in the face of adversity or circumstance…grace is the perfect name for your character in this as well…and i am glad she found a bit in the world you know…smiles…


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