Stepping into the lineage of the ancestors

“On the eighteenth day of the ninth month of the first year of the Pao-ching Era of the Sung Dynasty (1225), the late abbot
of the Tien-tung unstructed me…”

to all the great matriarchs that have come before; many previously un-named
to all the great patriarchs that have come before
i stand on your shoulders
no, WE stand shoulder to shoulder through all space and time
time collapses
to commit oneself to open hearted awakening
we sew the the tatagatha’s teachings in kona cotton black
the fabric of mind

**in honor of the beginning of the process of taking Jukai* the sewing of the rakusu*
*jukai-ceremony receiving the buddhist precepts and committing to the zen path/lineage
*rakusu- a representation of the buddha’s robe sewn by hand and worn around the neck
similar to a bib signifying the buddha’s teachings.



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