Falling Down to Wake Up?


Walking the dog in a star filled night just after the gloaming time.
The mind is back home working out the details.
Meanwhile, the left sole of the shoe meets the ground, it stops, while the body propels forward.
Hands, outstretched, instinct to break the momentum.
Knee crashes on cement.
Lucy strides back to lick the cheeks of the injured.
Do I need to fall down to wake up?


  1. Falling down can be a way to wake us up…for some the only way…as far as I know I have only encountered one person for whom this did not seem to be the case…I say ‘seem’ because one just never knows what goes on inside another person.


  2. I am very careful these days not fall again and hurt my back ~ Sometimes we need to fall to be careful next time, to wake up too if needed ~ Hope you are warm, smiles ~


  3. ugh…sometimes we do, in life…we have to crash in order to realize the problem…i have seen it play out in my life that way at least….but yikes, i hope you did not hurt yourself too badly….


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