I’m in Layers


so many layers happening simultaneously; you’d think the psychological community would come up with an appropriate term.
multiple emotionality, many feelinged experience, merged emotional expressions, simultaneous emotional implosion?
but for right now, layers it is.

I fill the tub with steaming hot water, pour in the lavender epsom salts.
he texts me, can you go pick up my package? I missed it again.
haven’t seen him in 2 weeks. My son, who’s moved over to his dad’s.
out I go…dry off…side glance look at the water…already cooling down.
I don’t drain it.

It’s a beautiful five p.m. drive

oh, the layers, right.
empty nesting
buying a house which flows in to talk of second marriages for us both.
hand sewn garment filled with the last 2 months of layers.
almost a year since my last drink.
i’m sure buddha gets it.

he said, (not buddha) the patriarchal chart is more important. I thought, oh really?
and i write the matriarchal lineage back to earliest centuries.
I’m copying words “exactly”….i write the word matter as mother. Tempted to leave it; i change the o to an a, and the h to another t.
It’s alright, I know it’s mother underneath.

draining out the cold parts, re-filling with new hot parts.
like a puzzle taken apart upon completion; thrown up in the air.
we’ll see how the layering falls. perhaps none at all-
experience here, feeling there, emotion(s) all around.

This may very well be joy.

About continuousdiscoveries

Discovering/rediscovering/uncovering/exploring the beauty way of life through words and images and sounds.
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16 Responses to I’m in Layers

  1. Layers upon layers… could be the wisdom of an oilpanter.. but like an aquarelle it shines through… seems your are busy… hmm hope the bath was nice in the end.

  2. Stanley Kunitz wrote
    “Live in the layers
    not on the litter.”
    Your poem reminds us to do just that…it’s where we will find our joy.
    Very fine writing.

  3. Grace says:

    layers upon layers – somehow life gets complicated when all we really want is simplicity ~ wishing you happy week ~

  4. hanna says:

    This is unbelievable: such depths and such overflowing wisdom.
    A word that might sum up the combo of the various strands of your emotions is ‘fasciation’, meaning ‘in bundles’.
    You could have fascination for fasciation if you wanted to play about with words 🙂

  5. brian miller says:

    smiles…nice…i like your sounds ma’am….we are all layers that is for sure….in life, family psychologically….it gives us depth you know…no need to bring the psychiatrist in to this….haha

  6. Like Buddha I got it, loved the rhythm in this, we all have many layers, I wish you luck with yours.

  7. claudia says:

    ha – the more layers – the more depths – the more hues – the more shades – just like life – just like a piece of artwork…smiles

  8. Bryan Ens says:

    The layers make us who we are…without them, we’d all be rather boring. Great poem!

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