Hail Mary Full of Grace/in Prayer



Hail Mary, Full of Grace/in Prayer

Everything is a prayer, don’t you think?

the little girl kneels by the side of her bed, “god bless mom and dad…”

the teenager falls off her bike on the ride home,

on the ground thinks, “get me home safe, please.”

the 25 year old wakes from a black out, trying to remember how she got home, looking out the window and seeing the brothers 1980 Nova parked in the middle of the back yard, “wow, thank you for finding my way home.”

the 28 year old walks the dusty, dry, sand colored streets of Vajeshweri, India with a man she barely knows, who will become her husband and whispers, “keep me safe and help me to understand my path.”

the mother to be walks the hallway throwing off clothing, piece by piece awaiting the arrival,
transitioning into grace and the cries of the new son.

the tired mother full of remorse/guilt/shame and needing to leave, asks for protection as she reveals her betrayal;
out in the night filled starry sky arms outstretched, she calls out for love and forgiveness.

the 45 year old prays  for new love.
now 50, the woman begins the age of the crone and asks for her own acceptance.
the 56 year old, empty glass in hand, reflection in the window, you can’t see it, but inside, she’s on her knees and asks to be shown…
she drives…
she sees a small adobe church, “what’s that”, she thinks.
walking up to an arch connecting the church and the rectory she reads, 
“Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces.” What? 
the religion gone years before, Mary stays, a constant companion.

and now, her intercessor…holding her hand.
was that you last night? did you hear the prayer i wasn’t aware…of?

and now, a prayer, a poem, a grace, a gratitude
every moment, every syllable,
escape into freedom

life is the prayer, embodied
just this.





  1. Life is a prayer ~ How beautifully you have written this ~ Thank you for starting my morning on a beautiful note ~

    a prayer, a poem, a grace, a gratitude
    every moment, every syllable


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