Water and Moon and Time


Now, all that’s left to do;
after the expectation
after the anticipation and then the let down.
In the center of my being
located in the center of this body,
the womb of the beginning
of time,
who tells me stop;
stop chasing on the “out there”
instead, she suggests,
“sit in silence and feel the pin point presence.”

There are times you know, when this intimacy is shattering
in its realness.
A profound hurting that breaks through all meter.

and then,
is when it’s the coldest day you can remember;
there’s tights and socks and slacks and layers of shirts.
A wool sweater, gloves inside mittens, hat over muffler.
Coverings to hide the shyness after being stripped bare
and completely seen raw,
simply vulnerable.

The daily walking of this tightrope, the freedom and unconscious need to
control, hold on, not to let go.
And then again, all that’s left to do is hold you in my arms and bear
the unbearable.

Time is experienced in a paradoxical way in meditation. Dogen’s* investigation of time was unique in ancient times. It is also useful for everyday life in the contemporary world. For Dogen, time is inseparable from self, from existence, and from space. Time is being. Time is no other than “time being.”

*Eihei Dogen lived from 1200 to 1253. “His writings today inspire many of those who contemplate in different spiritual traditions and are interested in expanding and deepening their meditative experience.”
Kazuaki Tanahashi from, “The Essential Dogen”.


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