The River

Pecos River
Pecos River


We’ve been house hunting for 3 full months now; each house bringing us closer to “the one”. First, in town, in a particular price range, then out of town in a different price range. First, a house that would carry us for the next ten or fifteen years while we’re still working, then somewhere out of town; our “retirement” home we called it. Then after several homes that simply didn’t fulfill our needs I had the crazy thought, “why are we waiting for our retirement home somewhere in the future? Why aren’t we looking for what we want right now?

This set my partner and I off on a new exploration of what being out of town looked like. For me, a home with light and things not broken. I love the country, even rustic and funky…as long it it works! D. and I started talking about being near the Pecos River, here in Northern New Mexico. You should  have seen his face light up! He went on and on about how much he loved living near the Pecos. How it brought him back to that connection with nature.

We sat on the porch of one home, out in Glorieta. We could hear the white noise of the highway but an awareness crept in. It was about being in nature. Feeling the aliveness of the outdoors. I wouldn’t say living at 7000 ft. surrounded by the Sangre de Christos is a burden. And, it is a city that has gone, in the past 30 years from quaint to another bustling tourist town. Still, it holds a certain, unique charm. And for us and many others, the kinds of choices you won’t find in most towns; spiritual, alternative healing, open mindedness. There’s a very strong sense of being accepted for who you are. I think if I had to describe Santa Fe in one word it would be “possible”. 

So here we are today, waiting for a response from the seller of the most recent house we’ve put a bid on. A log home with a separate finished garage for D’s studio. It is the sweetest home and in the best condition of any homes we’ve seen. Plenty of running room for Lucy, once we put up a fence. I would have my own separate room for my writing/meditation, alone time. Is it light enough? I can’t say. I keep thinking I need to walk through it again. I can’t for the life of me remember there being any light in any of the rooms really. 

The description says, “easy access to the Pecos River”. Not so much. We drove down the windy, rugged, rutted, rocked road and at one point I had to stop and have D. drive. Then we simply pulled over and walked the rest of the way. Thirty minutes doesn’t constitute an easy access. And, the river was beautiful once we arrived. That’s what I really wish….that I could hear the sound of the river. That would get me excited. And there’s so many things to be excited about this house but I can’t find any of them this night.  

So, we’ll see how things turn out. I’ll get a good nights rest, go to a meeting tomorrow on my day off. Maybe get my hair cut. I can’t understand why I’m feeling so bland about this whole experience. What I do know is that, what “this” is, it will pass. We will buy this house, or not. Everything will keep moving and turning.

And the orchids look down at me and smile.


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