Time Traveling


The hot weather is here. We’re having rain storms and the earth is sighing with relief. I search the mountains before me driving to work in the morning and the lush green blankets the sangre de christos. I live in this beautiful land.

It’s my birthday week and I feel myself going in. Not a big celebrator and yet I don’t mind the acknowledgement….
Turning 57, born in ’57, surely this means something. I haven’t been writing or making images and yet I’m going through this huge time in my life; buying a house with my partner. What do I like, where do I want to be, what kind of house do I want, what does home feel like to me? And, while discovering my needs/dreams/hopes/wishes, melding the same with D’s. We’re in the mountains, near the river, away from town…being able to explore these many options feels in and of itself such a gift and a luxury. I never thought I would be buying a house with someone. And what fertile ground for practice. Non-attachment, impermanence. We find something, get excited, place an offer, counter…too much, too little, inspection reveals the house not worth purchasing. Excitement, attachment, disappointment, release. One house after the other. Now, we’re both really seeing how staying in the present and allowing the universe to do it’s part, everything gets done. There’s no such thing as “hard work”. It’s all about showing up for what’s happening…right now…and right now…and right now

What is really happening underneath the storyline of this life/buying a home/going to work, is about living an intended life.
When I came home from work today I took Lucy for a walk grumbling in my mind a bit about things I did or didn’t do earlier.  And then I had the thought, find something to be positive about right now. And I looked down at the sidewalk and saw the sweetest, delicate white flowers…there, I thought, see how easy that was to move over from one energy of thought to another?
Beauty. Trusting in the process. Staying curious and open.

I can feel it all as mystery and I’m traveling along in time.

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