A Novel Time

IMG_1103.JPG I’ll be joining a large group of humanity beginning at midnight, November 1st, for the 16th annual Write a Novel in a Month challenge. The goal, to complete a first draft of a novel with a word count of 50,000. I think the rules have relaxed over the years but, for me it’s mostly about generating a strong writing muscle. And, doing my best to crank out 50,000 words. I’ve had a character, who first came to my attention by way of one of those “all night dreams”, back in 2006. I’ve brought her to life in short fiction, poetry and she’s also been present in my consciousness since then. I’m excited to see where my character, Katya, is going to take me. I have no plot, my POV might well be all over the place. There’s no beginning, middle and end. I did think of the last sentence this morning while I was luxuriating in a hot bath, but I can’t remember what it is. I do know it will be memoir, there will be prose and poetry and eventually, images as well. This writing thing….it’s a good practice for me to have this life time. As one of my spiritual mentor reminds me, everything in your life is an ingredient for your awakening, in the “great matter”. It also wouldn’t be a book I wrote unless it included spirituallity. But, then again, everything in my life is a spiritual matter. I am a spirit learning to be human. I might even post some of my prolific ideas right here through the month. And, nature will show me the way.

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