Fieldnotes January 7, 2015


Sitting in my quiet cocoon while the house next door burns from the inside.
So foggy tonight, nothing seen. Did I smell something different?
Lucy barking. I hear the sounds of trucks, no sirens.
Open the front door to 3 fire trucks. Pull on my coat and boots, walk out front and there’s my neighbor.
I call out to her, moving closer, I see her animals, all passed from the smoke.
So strange. A quiet fire. A quiet smoke. A quiet death.
Things happen. They simply keep happening. There’s no stopping the forward motion of things to come.
Of what will be.
And I think to myself, tomorrow, buy a fire extinguisher.
What’s so shocking is that I didn’t even know what was happening.
And, again, I ask myself. Have I taken care of everything I can?


Am I awake yet?

blessings to the animals

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