Can You be Inside and Outside at the Same Time?

Inside Outside

Inside Outside


Power says, unacceptable.
Heart says, what?

Opening oneself, to?

Are you struggling, power asks?
Heart responds, Can I hear you through the fog and confusion?

Power says, errors cost time and money.
Heart responds, incorrect.

Power holds on with an ever tightening grasp (Fingers clenched so tight the nails press into skin/leave marks/bleed)
Heart knows there will be no reigning in.
How can there be management?

Power authorizes legitimacy.
Heart responds, I hear the beating, this is enough.

Power feels it’s insistence failing. Unraveling.
Heart feels itself opening to the unknown. Fearless.

Power falls in on itself, no longer able to authorize, even
its own existence.

Powerless, authority discontinues its evaluation.
Heart, broken open, unbounded freedom.


Terry Tempest Williams, in her stunning, “When Women Were Birds”, asks these things:

“Can you be inside and outside at the same time?
I think this is where I live.
I think this is where most women live.
I know this is where writer’s live.
Inside to write.
Outside to glean.”

Myotai continues to ask, same here, same there?

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Discovering/rediscovering/uncovering/exploring the beauty way of life through words and images and sounds.
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2 Responses to Can You be Inside and Outside at the Same Time?

  1. Thank you Nancy. I so appreciate that you take the time to visit me here! I’m grateful I have this creative outlet to process life. Everything happens for a reason. The days after “the event” have been very powerful for me. Many understandings coming to the forefront. Time will tell and the universe will reveal the correct actions. Thank you for your love and concern.

  2. David & Nancy Pieters says:

    This sounds so sad and unfair if I’m reading you rightly. Will you stay at this job? Were they at all aware of what has been happening the past 2 months with Alex and all? I’m so sorry.

    Thinking of you, love, NAncy

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