The Hummingbirds have left


The hummingbirds have left for their travels south. The monarchs are resting on their long voyage in our butterfly bushes. They are stunning to watch.

Close. Magnificent winged creatures.
I’d like to think I’m witnessing the fourth generation. The one that will migrate to warmer climates and live for six to eight months. How kind the first three generations; living long enough (4-6 weeks), laying eggs then dying for the next generation.

Can you find generosity amongst humans?
All you have to do is look.

This life can feel overwhelming. I’ve been experiencing it in my bones, in my gut.
Learning to trust my gut; letting my heart lead instead of the mind.
Wanting to strengthen my bones so I have a stronger footing for when times are rocky.

Working with a writing coach (thank you Debra) to help me refine/strengthen, go deeper with a book I wrote last year. Do you ever have those times when you can feel, in your absolute core, how right something is? And, with each yes/nod/acknowledgement of this right, another follows suit. And then, there’s no stopping it. You’re on the positive train.

How did this happen? I have always held out for faith. I’ve always felt this sense of completely trusting in the process. Each moment leading to the next.
Ever a curiosity. Ever a miracle.


Always grace.

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  1. So glad to be a conduit honey…..glad I could hook you up with Lesley….she is such a gem as you are to…….Looking forward to reading your upcoming book sweeheart! Lotsa love and blessings!


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