Goddesses, Healers and Trust


It’s late.
For me.
11:30 pm and I’m usually on my way to Mary’s version of deep sleep.
Meaning maybe I’ll make it to 2 or 3 am before getting up.
This morning feels like it began 2 days ago.
A meeting with my writing coach. So grateful the universe saw fit that our
lives should converge.
I can allow the mind to wander into the other dimensions reaching out
for creations new and otherwise unknown.
And, I won’t go crazy. Allowing.
More trusting.
In the dynamic movement of creativity.

When I was in my twenties, I glided towards a guru and the teachings of the east.
Vedanta, the Upanishads, Kashmir Shaivism.  Bhakti yoga.
Chanting. Sanskrit. I had come home.
I traveled to India with the man who would become the father of my two beautiful sons.
The guru and the man are gone but so much still remains. These deep connections never
leave but transform/morph into
Feeling such a strong pull to Saraswati, the goddess of music/knowledge/letters (writing).
Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity/abundance.
I found a woman who has a website dedicated to chanting and some of the chants that
filled my time during my ashram days.
We, (the boys father) and I lived for three months in the guru’s ashram. A small town two
hours west of what then (1986) was called Bombay. We awoke every morning at dawn, dew deep/wet on the grass walking to the main courtyard to sit and chant the Guru Gita.
It continues to remain a beautiful memory.

I was listening to the Guru Gita tonight. An hour and a half of thanksgiving to the universal guru. I remember I chanted it nearly every morning during my second
I don’t believe in one authoritarian/hierarchical god.
when I chant I am moved to believe and include everything/every path I’ve ever
walked in this lifetime and all
other paths unknown to me from all my previous lifetimes.
The heart explodes/all four chambers enlarging and expanding.
A lullaby for the worlds troubles.
An offering.

Sleep well.

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