Reflections of the Sacred Feminine

Something Revealed
Something Revealed

I’ve begun reading a book that I will probably not finish. I won’t say the title because, I’m have misgivings about it. And, I don’t want to be rude. Everyone has the right to say what they feel/believe/think. But I wonder, why is a man writing about the return of the sacred feminine? After one chapter, I’m already suspicious and I’m skipping sentences, then paragraphs and now, I’m half way through the book.

Maybe I’m reading it because through the contrast of his words and my own experience/feelings/emotions, it is helping define my  understanding of
Being a woman.
He says as women, we hold, usually unconsciously, the instinctual knowledge of all of creation.
In our physical bodies.
I’d like to stop right there. I think this is all I want from this book for now.

Because I am feeling this now. Consciously. It is visceral.
An ache in my neck is a cry for the homeless floating out at sea.
The pain in my back is a felt recognition of the racism that permeates this world.
The burst/a quickening in my heart/solar plexus reminds me of the joy one can experience when connecting with nature.
My stomach gurgles, nauseous from food cooked in a restaurant. My dogs’ tummy gurgles in unison.

Another author I’m reading, Bhanu Kapil, in a blog post recently, speaks to the experience of bodywork and what having your body worked on represents/feels like.
The felt experience of life and memory and history/herstories.
Bone and flesh and layered skin and the beating of the four chambers pushing blood, rhythmically throughout the universe of one human body.

Do I/we all of us, any of us, “have to” remember, re-visit, re-tell, over and over the “sins of our fathers (ancestors/mothers/fathers/brothers/sisters/all two-leggeds in order for:
1. peace
3.a planet that will survive
4.understanding the interdependence

something even greater than god/goddess.
A something so incredibly vast and huge and unspeakable there simply won’t ever be
a correct word to describe it?

There truly is an unbearable lightness of being.
And, the secret is that it is more than bearable, if we are willing to open up our minds and move into our hearts, where the truth really is.

I took the picture above earlier today when we were walking into the grocery store. At first, the feather caught my attention because the last assignment for the contemplative photography course I’m taking asks us to make images of what is referred to as
“dot in space”. A “something” in contrast to a “space”.
Later I thought, perhaps the feather was seeking respite from the heat of the day.
And then I was filled with a tenderness
and a breaking open.

This is the secret revealed.
And it is always there.

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