Things heard & read

IMG_6101.JPG                                                    dragon sky bird

“If only people could perceive the mystery in all life, down to the smallest thing, and open themselves to it instead of taking it for granted. If only they could reverse its abundance which is undividedly both material and spiritual. For the mind’s creation springs from the physical, is of one nature with it and only a lighter, more enraptured and enduring recapturing of bodily delight.”
“Letters to a Young Poet”, Bodily Delight ~~Rilke

A new moon in Capricorn today. My natal moon. Working with soft and hard edges. A second Saturn return. A first mercury retrograde of the new year. Chiron cracking me open. How much more is there to go?!

Finding myself preferring to be quiet. Not putting in my “two cents.”
Walking through a foot of snow, walking Lucy. Lucy meanwhile, bounding/leaping/chopping bites of the snow. We make green chili hot chocolate/green tea/ chai extra spicy. Things that are warming.

Learning how to edit, I delete a full paragraph. Refreshing. A pressure/pinpoint pain in left occipital ridge. I learned to place my hand on my heart as a preliminary moment to meditation. Then place hand on something solid. Then begin meditation.

I belong to an online meditation Sangha. A community. Men and women wanting to wake up. There is a virtual shrine room. I turn on my meditation app for the timer. I sit up straight, then bow. Mostly, I’m alone. Sometimes with one other. It’s funny, but the whole experience is so intimate. Seeing myself sitting on the computer screen, I know others are meditating somewhere. There is a feeling of belonging.

I see the lottery is up to $900 million. Wouldn’t it be nice if whoever wins would give the money to people who really need it? I think the possibilities are pretty obvious.

So much processing going on. Every word I say, shift of head, foot off ground, all my sitting still, move, move, move. Shifts and changes occurring completely of their own accord.

I’m looking for the lightness in all things. Clarity. clean and clear. Awake. No, not looking/not outside myself. Discovering what’s already there.
Inside. When we hear, “You already have everything you need.” Do we  have any understanding of what this really means? That’s what I’m finding out.



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