Body as Lineage


I am not worthy. I must pray to have the stain removed.

they turn their backs. I walk away.

I search for:
non-invisibility/to be seen.
Ease within my own body.

To be heard.

I am told:
You need a teacher, a guru, a path, merit.
But here, in these bones and flesh of walking human anatomy.
There is body felt intuition. Shields are coming down/falling away.
This laboratory of body/biology and physiology, and anatomy; outside of time and space.
Outside of hierarchy, dominion, and patriarchal rightness.
Here – in this body made as woman. Evolving.
Codes of carbon transmuting into crystal (s).
Devoted to the continuous momentum of waking up.
Finding ease in this form; discordance a new friend.
Silence, a welcomed partner.

The codes of teacher change to: learner, mentor, ones who share.
Authority: yours and mine.
I trust. From beginningless time; shoulders upon shoulders.
And to this exact moment in time:
no longer standing ON shoulders.
Standing shoulder TO shoulder.

We wake up.


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