This is the revolution; who IS slicing the sweet potato and a list


The revolution is being televised and social media’d and interneted.
A new lexicon.
Arising –
A  reinvention.

Racism, white privilege, feminism, spiritual practice, the spectrum of sexuality and gender. Where does writing and connecting with the creative fit in?
Mentioning death: some mine/some ours.  Violence and terrorism and politics.
Silent reflection and contemplation.

This embodied female formed woman.

Lilith, the true Eve.

She watches the right hand slicing through the still hot sweet potato. Who is perceiving? Who is the watcher? If there’s no identification, will she cut herself?

Imprinting negotiations.
to be still and silent.
She called them “nasty-urshins”. She wanted to remember their names.

A perception
only of limitation>
cis…binary….identified as woman.
Midwifing oneself
Part seer/zen priest(ess)/practitioner/creative/writer

the wind felt when standing between two windows left open.



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