Sat Nam! 
Sat Nam; truth is my identity. A seed mantra (Bij). within the seed, everything is contained. Sacred language of Gurmukhi.

One of the things I love to do on a regular basis is to take a book I’m either currently reading or have read in the past and open it at random (bibliomancy), and either out loud or silently ask, what would You like me to see/read/contemplate today? I pulled a book off the shelf  this morning, “The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras”. I opened the book to Sadhana Pada: Cultivation of Spiritual Practices. 

 After sitting with our current homework and Yogi Bhajan‘s lectures from “The Masters Touch” textbook, I had this wonderful (delicious) understanding of, how fortunate and grateful I am when I can allow the ego to rest and recognize that when I’m triggered by a thought/behavior/concept of another person, I’m shown (shadows) all the many unchecked assumptions I have that are rising to the surface. What I may not agree with allows me to move off my set conditions and move to a new broader perspective. I have always resonated with eastern/yogic concepts more than anything and still, this philosophy is conceptual too. There is no such thing (from my purview) as any one absolute (answer) to anything. How wonderful I’ve given myself this opportunity within the container of teacher training to further explore all of this! 

The Yoga Sutra:
Kriya Yoga: The Venerable Threefold Path.
Tapas:igniting the purifying flame.
Swadhyaya: sacred (self) study of the divine through scripture, nature and introspection.
Ishwara Pranidhana: wholehearted dedication to the Divine Light in all.

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