Field notes 6.25.2020

Continuous self-regulation.

Somatic. Walking in the woods this morning

SHE informed me of my current status: de-stabilized.

Watch. Observe; this is not a mental/intellectual activity.

It is an exercise in LOVE.

Respecting the quiet of the VOID, hearing VEnus quietly

direct Herself.

The first SHE says, “We are humans and not just potential germ carriers.”*

Into HER:

The Belonging of home.

Interiority of cells floating on a Cancerian ocean.

Water. Floating water.

Pure drone number 6. SHE had to stop singing because of the diagnosis, “burning throat”.

When I read Elijah’s story last evening I too was burning.

Heart burning, crying out.

The umbilicus tugged at (again).

Droplets of blood. All sons and daughters of mine.

Having been on the other side of menopause for ten years now and this physiology does not stop the experience of mothering. Of, the Mother.

The Role shifts positions and this DNA cannot and will not be changed or dismissed.


A weaving of newness and what wishes to remain, also re-newed/invigorated.


The DIVINE and Sacred reveal timeless company SHE is now allowing/revealing herself to me.

“Remember?”, she asks. Your Capricorn moon structured to sit in your sixth house is shattering. It is an inside job.

“You knew this was coming, are you ready?”, SHE asks.

Please, if so, take your place where the aforementioned container;

no longer a solid “thing”, has lost its “thing-ness”.

A formless, shapeless, liquidness.

The dynamic moment of your Kundalini Shakti unharnessed and set free.

The second SHE says, “In the beginning is the Great Mother. SHE gives birth to HERself, the One Thing. The One Thing gives birth to the One Mind.” **

Converse to popular culture, warmth of the summer sun.

Namo namah.

Mahashakti Namo Stute.

Juxtaposition of planets.

Stars burning cells rearranging and turning into/becoming crystallization portals of KNOWING.

And the third SHE said:

“The day mountains move has come.

Or so I say, though no one will believe me.

The mountains were merely asleep for a while.

But in ages past, they had moved, as if they were on fire.

If you don’t believe me, that’s fine with me.

All I ask is that you believe this and only this,

That at this very moment, women are awakening from their deep slumber.

If I could but write entirely in the first person,

I, who am a woman.

If I could write entirely in the first person,

I, I.”***


*Sophia Love : Medium: “Corona-Daze” A Pandemic’s Journal.10

**”The Heart of the Great Mother”, pg. 76: Christine E. Page, M.D.

*** Yosano Akiko: from the poem, Sozorogoto (Rambling Thoughts). Which is notated in Appendix C from the novel, “A Tale For the Time Being”, by Ruth Ozeki.

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