Notes from Dreamtime Thursday July 9, 2020

“We’ve greater power to participate in the rhythms of our place, enlivening a vertical, ideational channel, here to there, as perception, a kind of breath made of transparency. Excerpt from “A Treatise On Stars” by Mei Mei Berssenbrugge

So much dreaming. This feeling of deep letting go and getting out of and annihilation.

A continuation. A newer dismantling requiring a new lexicon.

I was woken up 2 nights ago at 1:45am. The words were pouring through. I saw an image I’d made a few days prior and words….rushing, rushing.

It started with And. Word after word after word. I was conscious enough to have the thought, “you should be grabbing a pen and writing this all down.” I thought this more than once drifting in and out of sleep. Wave after wave of words. I thought, “this is a beautiful poem being built.”

The dog and cat were quite active at this time as well. Later it occurred to me that the awakening was in fact an “event”. There was another energy in the room with us while all those words came pouring forth like waves. I finally succumbed to sleep and the animals reverted to their sleeping spaces.

When I woke later and walking the dog, there was disappointment I hadn’t written the event down on paper. Perhaps the experience would resurface during an unsuspecting and unattached moment during the day. It doesn’t feel correct to admonish this “missed” opportunity. Thinking about it today, there’s a knowing; whether remembered or not, the body registered the experience. SHE knows. And, SHE will fill in the details when the time is again appropriate.

And, I have promised myself to grab the pen and write the words when they’re next knocking at my consciousness.

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