Field notes 2/12/2021

“what shadow
can the star lovers meet in
before the moon disappears

Off Facebook and Instagram. Still grappling with Twitter. Continuing to allow myself to get pulled into the political frenzy waiting/wanting/expecting for that “something” to change.

And still, it continues.

I read Natalie Goldberg’s newest, “Three Simple Lines: A Writer’s Pilgrimage into the Heart and Homeland of Haiku”. Last night, half way through, I stopped thinking, “I’m not ready for this to end, slow down Mary.”

Awakened at midnight to my partners cold knees into the backs of my knees and a haiku arises

sound asleep
your cold knees
snow is coming

This says something about a book getting under your skin.
This says something about how inspiration is waiting to be heard.
In the quiet.

In the listening.

Until then.

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