April brought both rounds of the pfizer vaccine, with thankfully, fairly benign repercussions.

The business I work for (massage and bodywork), is booming with humans!! People so desperate for touch again and human contact. It’s a miracle we made it through and it looks like we’re in for a thriving rest of the year.

The body chose to deliver messages regarding health and stress and anxiety in interesting and sometimes, fairly uncomfortable ways.

I took the TM (transcendental meditation) training. Something I never thought I would have done up until a few months ago. It is different than any other type meditation I’ve ever practiced. I mean, I’ve practiced watching my breath and repeating a mantra and using a mantra and mudra practicing kundalini yoga. This mantra practice does feel natural and not forced at all. I’m so glad I went forward with it. It’s full circle really. Home and familiar territory of the Vedas and the Upanishads.

Took longer stretches away from social media than I’m used to. This is required practice for anyone wishing to remain sane.

My partner and I, in our fifteenth year together, decided to bring rings into our lives. Hand made by a local jeweler here in Santa Fe (Reflective Jewelry), we picked them up on April 29th and on Friday, the 30th, we gave them to each other. With the Sun in Taurus conjunct Uranus (also in Taurus) along with fellow travelers Mercury, Venus and Lilith. Accidentally/perfectly, the earth celebration of Beltane, (great fire) and “the great wedding of the goddess and the god.” It is a popular day for pagan weddings or “Handfasting”.


“…Handfasting ceremonies are often unique to the couple, but include common elements, most importantly the exchange of vows and rings (or a token of their choice).The act of handfasting always involves tying the hands Handfasting (‘tying the knot’) of the two people involved, in a figure of eight, at some point in the ceremony and later unbinding. This is done with a red cord or ribbon. Tying the hands together symbolizes that the two people have come together and the untying means that they remain together of their own free will.” 1.

How lovely.

We sat on our couch and spoke of what’s important to us and what we’ve learned thus far from being together. Acknowledging how we support one another. We spoke of the cellular structure that makes up the alchemical qualities of the metals that form the rings and the connection to “all that is” and our continuum of connection.

Gratitude. Joy. Astonished and continuously surprised by the surprises.

Here’s to Love.

Beltane image and description thereof borrowed from: https://www.goddessandgreenman.co.uk/beltane/

rings & flowers by me.

*Reflective Jewelry, Santa Fe, NM. 505-988-7393 (highly recommend)

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