Voluminous apothecaries. Transcendent originations of breastbone connectivity. E. arrives in my thoughts. Loss and grief and what are these feelings? Emotions set in a particular place and time. Can they be set anywhere? What is this distance of non-traversing? The lemniscate appears as infinity. What arrives? Is travel necessary to reach a longing? If acceptance can be felt and appreciated, does the distance collapse upon arrival? The arrival requires no traveling.
Everything here.
Right now. Illusion has run its course.

How do I maintain an understanding that has no floor, no ceiling? No apparent sides or a particular structure.
Cohesiveness exists regardless. When concern of another’s point of view/opinion/judgment falls away, the field opens widely and exposes all possibilities.

Where is resistance, if any? There, in the zygomatic process of bone marrow. In the interstitial layers of mass. Of what we are made up of. I want to look up the physiology of this core part of the body. And simultaneously jump out of the chest and flow as a river to another port of sea. Where else is there resistance? How far the distance? How far the shore of landscape and idioms of equanimity?

Saraswati holds court on the mantle of understanding. The mind can only know so much. The mind can only understand so much. She must talk with walk with hold hands with the feeling of the mind’s intellect. She says, “take me with you” and “show me what it’s like to be you”, within this “you” of “us”.

Is cultivation possible or is it always occurring when we’re looking as well as when we are sleeping or talking or having the mind preoccupied with other living matter (s)?

Traverse: pass over, wander, roam, peregrinate, navigate. Examine, consider, contemplate, reconnoiter.

I can’t travel from the mind, (which I locate up in the brain), without journeying past and through the solar plexus, having set sail through the vagus channel, into the gut of feelings. Oh, discovery of moments! What if mind is unlimited in its locations throughout the physical form? Mind (intelligence) lies in waiting within each one of our cells. Here is the waiting; the cell’s journey known only to itself awaiting the recognition, then acknowledgment, for the “go ahead” to be activated.
Transmission. There’s no relying or waiting on someone outside of yourself to activate the potentiality. Perhaps an outside force (person/situation/song/poem) acts as a pointer, a way-shower; and still, it is YOU, who initiates. YOU are your own transmission. The ignitor of your own dreams. Although we don’t do anything entirely on our own. After all is gathered and the journey is made, it is us (you), who (that) moves and shifts and changes. Time changes without. We are always answering the call. Consciously or unconsciously.

Time is a gift is a prayer is sacred is all is now is all ways and is forever.


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